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Most Annoying 4 Word Sequence in the Entire English Language: “But, the computer says…”

This article is years in the making and I guarantee I’m not the only one t… continue →

Tired of Technology

Woh, for a tech blog, that’s about as cynical and ironic of a header as yo… continue →

Premium Downloads Now Free

As you can tell by my last few posts, I’m continually consolidating and… continue →

Free Domain Giveaway

Here are a few domains that I no longer have use for and would be happy to transfe… continue →

Selling Off My Logo Design Business

I just don’t have the time, energy or interest in client work anymore.
A… continue →

Selling Off ALL My Unused Ideas

As a web entrepreneur, I’m constantly coming up with new ideas. I̵… continue →

Domain Brokers

Most domain brokers are pure sleaze, period. Sorry, that’s just the wa… continue →

Education Vs Experience

UPDATE – I’d like to quickly create a setup for the point I’… continue →

The New Twitter API v1.1 Nightmares Solved!

Skip the reading, and get to (hopefully) the solution you’ve been look… continue →

To Make Responsive or to Not Make Responsive?

UPDATE – I’ve finally updated my blog to be responsive. Be sure t… continue →