How to Get a Truly Free Logo Design by a Real Human Professional

Free Logo Design

If you Google “free logo design,” you’ll be overrun with websites that offer a so-called “free” logo design maker, but not an actual human designer. Also, you’ll likely have to create an account and pay extra in order to even download a usable file format of your logo.

Basically, you’ll find everything but free logo design services. You’ll find plenty of sites that use those keywords, but are really just bait and switch services, with some kind of trick or gimmick.

I really hate when companies lie to me or try to get me with hidden fees.

I’ve decided to start a service called FreeLogoPro, which genuinely offers free logo design.

How is this possible?

I’ve been designing logos professionally for over 20 years, but it’s not often I get logo design projects anymore. I’m usually busy managing websites and servers.

I really enjoy logo design and I miss it, and just designing logos for no reason without any kind of collaboration with a real project and someone expressing their ideas to me just isn’t very fun.

So, with FreeLogoPro, I’ll give the project all the same TLC I would for a paying client, without payment of even a single dollar required. At the very end of the process, people are welcome to leave a donation, but it’s entirely optional, and truly no shame to anyone who doesn’t.

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