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The Logo Design Price Debate: An Experiment that will Make Some Angry

You get what you pay for, right? Well, there are plenty who do not agree with that sentiment or model, and aspire to provide quality and affordability. I’m a seasoned professional; I provide quality work; I don’t charge exorbitant fees; I’ve had hundreds of satisfied clients over the past decade, and have remained successfully self-employed […]

How to Get the Best Quality Business Card Prints

For years I’ve been dissatisfied with the quality of my business card prints. Considering it’s pretty standard for business cards to be crappy and the fact that most people don’t complain, I let it go figuring it just was what it was. However, as the years passed, so did my standards increase. Finally being frustrated […]

The False Equivalence that Simple is the Same as Ugly

As a minimalist web designer, this has been an uphill battle throughout my entire career, and I’ve heard simple designs referred to in every derogatory manner imaginable: plain, bad, boring, ugly, broken, stupid, dated, unprofessional, incomplete, and on and on. The truth is that minimalism is a philosophy, a very carefully considered methodology. Like a […]

Beautiful Apple Style Dropdown Menu

UPDATE — While this article may still hold some value, it is pretty dated. To see the very last incarnation of this menu’s code, download the Startup theme. You can also find my very latest (2015 onward) menus in the GenericTools code samples. If you’re not an Apple fan or want a custom look, no […]

Pixel Perfect, Code Perfect, Graphic Perfect

A good web designer obsesses over every pixel. Symmetry is everything in design, any kind of design. The way an interior decorator places furniture in a room whilst keeping a clean buffer zone for walking, shelves, and other practical housing functions and decor is very similar to the design of a page on a website. […]

Photoshop vs Illustrator

…at least, that’s how I used to think of it. Adobe’s Creative Suite is pretty much the standard for web and graphic designers. Photoshop is hands-down, used far more than Illustrator, and for a long time, I thought it was one or the other. Most people get started with Photoshop for fun, coming from Microsoft […]

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) Logo

I’m a big movie and video game buff. So, naturally, I’m a huge fan of cinematic games. I’ve an especially fond liking of Rockstar Games, primarily the GTA series. As a fan, I felt like designing and sharing a logo design concept for GTA 5 (which isn’t released yet) just for fun. Hoping for an […]

Pure CSS3 Only Graphic Button

This button contains gradient and shadow effects without the use of actual graphics or JavaScript whatsoever. I’m using just about every CSS style that could be used on the button for your reference. Although, some may find that it looks better by pulling a few styles back. You could always add more effects too. Also, […]

How to Make Shiny Text in Photoshop (The Easy Way)

This may be the most simple way to make shiny text, or really, shiny anything in Photoshop, period. Step 1. Open up Photoshop and create a “New Document” (Ctrl+N for Win / Cmnd+N for Mac). Doesn’t matter what size. In general, it’s always good to use a transparent background when working on a graphic. Also, […]