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How to Get a Logo Designed Inexpensively with Quality

It seems that almost everyone needs a logo or brand these days. You don’t need to pay a fortune to get a quality logo designed. It can be affordable. Step 1. First, I recommend that you outline as many details about your desired logo as you can. The more clear you can be on what […]

Screen Calipers: Web Designer’s Best Friend

Like a carpenter’s measuring tape, it’s right there on your tool belt to assist you when you need it. We’re not measuring inches or feet, however, but on-screen pixels. Measure widths and heights, gutters, make sure something is perfectly center, you name it. Also helps out in graphic design projects. A good designer is pixel […]

Free Photoshop Stripe Patterns

DOWNLOAD NOW Stripes are a pretty popular Web 2.0 craze over the past several years, dying down a bit. Even so, stripes have always been very popular and will continue to be. Googling until I’m annoyed is usually the conclusion I reach when trying to find something solid, something really good… and then I just […]

Graphic Design for the Web vs Print

Graphic Design for the Web Color Mode: RGB Resolution: 72+ Size: Pixels Graphic Design for Print Color Mode: CMYK Resolution: 300+ Size: Inches/Feet This is definitely a super simple explanation of the differences and procedure, but I’m offering this up for people searching the web looking for simple answers, not essays.