Hello. Thanks for taking the time. My name is Bryan. I’ve worked at home professionally as a web designer since 2006, but started learning to code in 2003 and have been fussing around with computers since the early ’90s.

You can find my design site over at calmest_ghostDESIGN, which is my digital business card, more or less.

I am entirely uneducated in the traditional sense and completely self-taught. It’s of my opinion that for some, real life experience is the very best school there is. I have never found that the lack of a college degree has held me back from any of my goals.

I am truly passionate about web and technology and my career in this industry. I’ll continue learning, increasing my skills, and trying out the many business endeavors that I dream up.

In the end, it really isn’t a matter of if I’ll be successful, but how much. To me, it’s more about time, which I value more than money. I make enough, in a short enough time, to get by and allow me all the free time in the world to tinker on my projects. To me, that’s success.

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