I Hate Video Tutorials

I really do. Perhaps that makes me old-school, but I really hate Googling something only to land on a page where the quick snippet of info I need is buried in an often obnoxious, annoying, and awkward video of someone fumbling over their words, taking forever to get to the point.

I like simple, to the point, and concise text-based tutorials. That way, I can skim through to the info I need or get the basic understanding of it. Am I the only one that feels this way?

I see videos to be more of a fad, than actually being helpful. Videos are usually blurry or too small; you can’t really see what’s going on; you certainly can’t copy text or reference info easily.

There is of course, the hybrid of the two, which I still don’t like very much. With that, I leave it in your hands:

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  • Action57

    I hate them as well. Most are done by people who apparently decided on the spur of the moment “hey, I’ve got a video camera, and people would love to know how to do this thing I know how to do, and even better I’ll not organize or prepare in any way. Oh man, I am going to be a star. I will fumble through ten minutes of what should have been a two minute video, I bet they ask me to appear on The View.”

  • Yeah, it’s probably 80% Google/fad bait anyways. “Video Tutorials” are just a hot fad, I’m sorry, rarely helpful. I love videos, don’t get me wrong. But, videos of stuff that need to be videos, movie trailers, gameplay footage etc.

    But, videos of people saying “Okay, now right-click this link…” which took them two minutes to get to that first pertinent step just seem like dumb fluff videos for dumb people.

    Thanks, Bryan

  • I couldn’t agree more! I was tasked with familliarizing myself with a new CMS, and instead of a clear and concise text tutorial, I was presented with 4 hours of video tutorials.. needless to say I was not impressed!

  • Newman

    I can’t stand video tutorials, text based tutorials with images where needed are superior in pretty much every way; if I need to go over the whole topic I can follow a text based tutorial just as good as a video tutorial (better, actually, as there’s no need to pause / resume with a text based tutorial), images are generally of better quality than you get when pausing a video (unless it’s a really high resolution video, in which case it probably takes forever to stream / download), and if I just need to go over one thing I don’t want to wait for the whole video to load so I can aimlessly try to guess in which part is the information I need, and then wait for the author of the video to get to the damn point.

    Tutorials are about conveying information, and not just any information, but specific one that the tutorial is about in the first place; I don’t need someone’s “personality” and long introductions, I need clean and simple information. Anything else is just distracting and a waste of time. There’s lots of folks out there that appear to love the sounds of their own voices (I guess they’re imagining they’re some big guru with a talk show while they’re doing it), but video tutorials are a complete waste of time in my book. And while I’ve heard the argument that there are different kinds of learners, I’d say that if you can’t comprehend a written tutorial you have bigger problems than not knowing the subject of the tutorial, such as learning how to read and process written information.

  • VidHater4Lyfe

    I fucking hate those things. Same reason. I want to quickly scan and have a place I can go back to reference. not motherfucking video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • avarigirl

    I hate them too. I can read text faster than the video narrator can say it. Plus text stays there, on the page, to look at again if you need to. You can rewind a video and repeat a part, but then it’s gone again. I dunno maybe I am just a visual learner.