I Hate Video Tutorials

I really do. Perhaps that makes me old-school, but I really hate Googling something only to land on a page where the quick snippet of info I need is buried in an often obnoxious, annoying, and awkward video of someone fumbling over their words, taking forever to get to the point.

I like simple, to the point, and concise text-based tutorials. That way, I can skim through to the info I need or get the basic understanding of it. Am I the only one that feels this way?

I see videos to be more of a fad, than actually being helpful. Videos are usually blurry or too small; you can’t really see what’s going on; you certainly can’t copy text or reference info easily.

There is of course, the hybrid of the two, which I still don’t like very much. With that, I leave it in your hands:

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