The Coding Brain

Learning a coding language, in my opinion, is very similar to learning a spoken language. You need to learn how to read and write it well (perhaps not fluently, but well) in order for yourself, as well as others, to understand what you’re communicating. The way a server or browser might not be able to The Coding Brain

I Hate Video Tutorials

I really do. Perhaps that makes me old-school, but I really hate Googling something only to land on a page where the quick snippet of info I need is buried in an often obnoxious, annoying, and awkward video of someone fumbling over their words, taking forever to get to the point. I like simple, to I Hate Video Tutorials


Writing and Readability Cheatsheet

Most of the guidelines below apply to common English for both the web and print in most contexts. However, keep in mind that my advice on writing styles is based mostly on non-fiction, American English on the web. Writing. Write what you know. This is without a doubt, the most regurgitated piece of advice on Writing and Readability Cheatsheet