Windows vs Mac

The age-old battle of Microsoft Windows versus Apple Macintosh hardware and operating systems.


The common arguments for Windows is that it has far more users, meaning more support, more apps, and better compatibility with people you might network with because most people and offices use Windows.

The common arguments against Windows being viruses, a buggy OS, and tons of issues because of so much third-party hardware and software.


The common argument for Mac is the lack of virus potential and more quality performance because of proprietary hardware and software and less third-party junk.

The common argument against Mac is that it’s super expensive, unnecessary, and hardly efficient for business with most company software being built for Windows.

I’m at the Crossroads

When I was nine, the first computer I ever used was actually a Mac, in the days of having no idea how a computer worked and frustratingly mashing buttons and clicking who knows what, messing up this computer just to try and play DOOM. I think I actually did manage to break it completely at one point, whoops. Sorry Mom and Dad.

Ever sense then though, from learning how to use a computer in school, to my present day business, I’ve always used Windows. Up until just three days ago, I held onto XP because it seems it takes about ten years and three service packs for Microsoft to get it right.

I got a nasty virus, even with all my tech-savvy keeping AVG, ZoneAlarm, Microsoft Update, registry, etc., all clean, organized, and up-to-date. I’ve gone commando plenty of times in my day and killed viruses, but this was one very smart virus. It killed AVG and Malwarebytes, even in Safe Mode, this little bugger was now the real owner of my computer.

I was left with that fun moment many of us Windows users have unfortunately become all to familiar with, the dreaded wiping out of the entire hard drive and completely reinstalling the OS. I assumed after two years, Windows 7 was mature enough, so I gave it a try. Big mistake. Certainly, better than the fiasco that is Vista, but I should have just reinstalled XP.

I laid $2k down on my current laptop, so I’m definitely going to get some more use out of it. However, when it’s time to upgrade, I think it’s time to make the big switch to Mac. I’m thinking MacBook Pro, which will set me back about $3k. The tools of our trade, we need them.

Question for Mac Users

Is Mac really and truly, invulnerable to viruses? I’m feeling skeptical on this subject. I could see how most all viruses are built for Windows, considering most people use Windows so Mac kind of goes under the radar, but are there no security issues at all on Mac? No possibility of a virus, but what about malware and bad cookies? Surely, this is still an issue?

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Additionally, should I be considering Linux? I do love it for my web hosting needs, but I’ve never used it locally. What about the new Google OS? Is that going to cut it for my web and graphic design needs? I need your help.