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Windows vs Mac

The age-old battle of Microsoft Windows versus Apple Macintosh hardware and operating systems. Windows The common arguments for Windows is that it has far more users, meaning more support, more apps, and better compatibility with people you might network with because most people and offices use Windows. The common arguments against Windows being viruses, a […]

iPod Engravings Better Purpose

I finally maxed out my puny 8GB iPod Nano. Music lovers will understand that 8GB is nothing. The only reason I’ve managed for so long is because I don’t put full albums on my iPod, just my most favorite songs. Today, I’m shopping for a new iPod and ended up buying the new iPod Classic […]

Some Serious Star Trek Fan Nerd Food

The following article is in reply to this post along with pictures found here. Here’s some serious nerd food for you: I didn’t actually go to the school in question, but I went to a school near there during my elementary years. We went on a field trip to their school to play this Star […]