Trying out Fiverr

Trying out a new beta site: Fiverr.

My profile here:

Basically, it’s a niche $5 service site where someone is willing to do a small task for only $5. You take a $4 cut, and Fiverr takes a $1 cut.

Psychologically speaking and marketing wise, $5 is pretty much the holy grail of prices among products in that price range, fast food mainly (think Subway’s $5 Footlong or Arby’s 5 for 5).

I wish Fiverr all the best of luck. I’m sure they’re already in the green. I personally don’t expect much of a turn out for me using it though. That’s just the realist in me.

UPDATE — Fiverr was actually going well for a while and then it just stopped. I have so much going on, so many avenues of revenue, it just kind of slipped through the cracks and I didn’t think much of it. It’s been about a year and I’m doing some updating of old articles and decided to check it out again. Looks like all my gigs were inactive, whoops!

Well, that explains it. So a note, keep an eye on your gigs every now and then because if they don’t get enough love apparently they go into hibernation, without notice.

  • Brian – nice work in joining the microjob revolution. Just wanted to invite you to join We have some higher job categories ($10 and $20) as well as an affiliate program so you can earn a little extra cash for referred friends. Best of luck!

  • Anonymous


    thanks for sharing. However, it seems that you got the name wrong… its fiverr not fivver… – you have this in your title and URL…


  • Thanks for the heads up, fixed.

    Thanks, Bryan

  • Hi Bryan,

    I’ve bought literally hundreds of Fiverr gigs. I’m glad to see you’re throwing your hat into the seller ring, so to speak. A designer can get a lot of gigs. It’s important to limit the scope of the work, of course — you can’t do endless revisions or embark on a project where the client really doesn’t know what she wants — but a lot of us buyers know do exactly what we’re looking for, we just need some bite-sized help.

    Charleen Larson

  • Thanks for the encouragement.

    I really don’t know how to fully utilize fiverr yet though. Maybe you have some ideas you could share?

    I like the look of – heads up on the page title (browser title bar to be specific).

    Thanks, Bryan

  • Fiverr fees are taking too much so I have now moved to BittyPay. Same concept but the ability to choose between $2-$25 gigs. If I Feel a task should cost more I always have the option to charge more and vice versa for a lower end task.

  • Hi Bryan,
    Fiverr is simply Great. We have delivered more than 500 gigs (most of them being headers & ebook-covers). And seeing the kind of growth our business has taken because of fiverr, I am sure fiverr must be making a killing. Sorry but looks like you aren’t getting much orders though.


  • I’m not, who’s got time to be sorry in this industry. The internet is an ideas game; and I play all the time… sometimes you win sometimes you lose.

    I put the feelers out all the time on new things, sometimes I’ll put all my heart into something and nothing will turn up. Other times I’ll put something together on a whim not really thinking anything will happen with it then bam; $1,000 off of an hour or two of effort.

    With fivver I actually had my little DMOZ submission gig that could take off a bit. Since the $4 I make is laughable at best for my time I think of it as spending time to meet possible new clients or contacts and really just having a bit of fun.

    I made $20 just having a little fun with it, I’ll go have me some lunch.

    The only problem I see is that buyers could easily get away with getting anything free and just cancel the orders. They don’t need to even explain and the seller can’t even rate them to warn others. Everything is sort of Beta now, so I think we’ll see some improvements.

    Thanks, Bryan

  • Santiago_vazquez1

     I think peoplestox is a better solution for sellers for the following reasons: 1.- You set the price 2.- Get paid in 24hrs (no internal accounts, you really get your money right away!) 3.- You can get paid via check if you are in the U.S. 4.- Accepts in person jobs. 5.- They only charge 15% not 20% like all other sites.  And over all it has a better look and feel, and the open pricin policy attracts bette buyers… not just bargain hunters.