How to Have a Professional Gmail Signature

UPDATE — You no longer need to use a third-party add-on like WiseStamp as you can now directly edit and set your signature in the Gmail settings.

Anyone can have a very clean and professional Gmail email signature within a few minutes of following this very simple how-to.

Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:

Step 1.

Make sure to of course open up Firefox. If you were already working in Firefox, save your work, log out of your accounts, and close all browser windows/tabs, but one.

Step 2.

Add the WiseStamp Email Signature add-on to Firefox and restart Firefox.

Step 3.

Log into Gmail. You’ll now see a WiseStamp option top-right of the page. Click on it to edit your signature and configure your options.

Step 4.

You may create and style your signature any way you see fit, but I recommend keeping it clean and simple along the lines of:

Your Full Name

Your Job Title | 555.123.4567

Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn

Tips & Warnings

By default, the WiseStamp add-on will add a little credit from the programmer below your signature. To remove it, go to your WiseStamp settings and uncheck “Support and Promote”.

  • A refurbished article on “How To Add Social Media Icons to Gmail Signature” :

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  • What about if the computer have multiple users ?

  • In a professional work environment everyone should have their own computer.

    If for some reason this isn’t the case or you’re referring to the home computer everyone should at least have their own user profile for many reasons other than just email signatures.

    Those would be the correct solutions.

    If for some reason you have to work on the same computer, on the same profile with other people (which again is not a good idea or secure anyways) you would want to adjust the add-on to not auto-add signatures and instead consider using Gmail Labs Canned Responses add-on.

    Thanks, Bryan