A Semi-rhetorical US Debt Question

Is every born, adopted, or new American citizen automatically accountable for US debt regardless of personal accrued debt?

I have never borrowed money from the government, received a school loan, or not paid for something in-full. I’ve not yet ever used a credit card either. I use a debit card and pay in-full with my own self-employment earned money. I’m not married and I have no children and no medical bills. In fact, the only paper traceable debt I remember having that I had forgotten about was a late fee from the library which I paid immediately out of good karma and doing the right thing more than anything.

I know that I’m “in debt” or grateful to be alive in my country, but financially, am I automatically in monetary debt just by being a living American citizen? I breathe American air, I drive on American roads wearing them down, I buy gas, I shop in grocery stores, and buy name brand products which causes who knows how much of a footprint. But, isn’t that why we pay taxes? So really I suppose, I’d like to know is there any quantifiable method to formulate what I personally and truly owe, or is the National Debt simply divided up among all living American citizens?

If so, what if I were to hand the government a check for say $40,000 and said okay, my debt is paid, could I, would I, really and officially be written off from owing anything further?

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