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IE: What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing.

What’s wrong with Internet Explorer? A better question, with a much shorter answer, would be: what’s right about it? Nothing. It’s proprietary Microsoft software, meaning there’s very little movement in innovation and usability. It’s as secure as Windows is (need I say more). Cross-browser-compatibility becomes a nightmare and a half. IE’s never even tried to […]

My Coding Code of Ethics

Quick and Dirty I loathe licensing. All the code I write and share on my blog (unless otherwise noted) is public domain (wiki). In short, that means there is no license whatsoever, no limitations, and you do not need to ask permission. My writings, ideas, theories, opinions, observations, creations, projects, experiments, etc., however, are of […]

Web, Tech, and Business Pet Peeves List

Clients Hey Rockstar! I hate when people say they need a “Rockstar” or “Ninja” anything. Example: “We’re looking for a Rockstar Web Developer!” It’s cheesy, unprofessional, out-dated, and even seems a bit condescending. It’s time that we just be relaxed and straightforward in business. No need for fluff. I Want to Watch You Work O_O […]

5 Tools to Take Control of Your Web Browsing

Here are 5 tools I use to completely take control of my web browsing experience in: speed, security, productivity, convenience, and even creativity. This list is great for designers, developers, and casual browsers alike. 1. Firefox (Web Browser) Get it Now Firefox is the king of all browsers. I will accept the use of Chrome […]

Get an Internet Job with No Education

Why not? I did. I dropped out in ninth grade; I never even got a GED. I have no formal education in what I do and everything I now know I taught myself through reading, practice, and experience. School has always simply had this image of being proper and superior. That of course, is only […]

How to Find the Owner of a Phone Number

Ever received an unknown call or spam fax and wanted to discover who was behind it? Well chances are, if they have a phone number or fax number, they have a business. If they have a business, they have a website. You just need to know how to find it and discover who’s behind it. […]

Words: And How They Make Us Money

It’s quite fascinating really, that is, the innovation of man. I know many people struggle to make money online and many others are successfully doing so. I think we can all agree that having at least some computer skills is pretty vital to having a decent job in today’s and tomorrow’s world. I make all […]

The End of www.

UPDATE — Looking to go all non-www. See that article here. This is old news, but still it lingers that people think you must type in www.google.com before a website in order to reach it. On rare occasion, I’ve even encountered people that think they need to actually type everything out: https://www.google.com/ — this is […]

hengine Interview

UPDATE — An interesting look back at my little search engine project. Mostly, it was an experiment I created out of curiosity (I’m always tinkering with such ideas). I just never had the time or programming skills to really nurture it into anything truly useful. I ended up selling it in the hopes that someone […]

A Scary Future of Technology Sooner Than You Think

For just about as long as humans have existed we’ve used technology and innovation to create weapons, from sharpened rocks and spears to WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction). The question of whether violence, crime, and war will remain in our future is probably certain as long as humans inhabit the Earth, but that isn’t what […]