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How should I set up information hierarchy structure for CMS under Platform?

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    Background: health-care focused site ( bastardizing wordpress

    Content types:

    c1 – Promotional / marketing (e.g. content sliders, phone numbers, doctor photos)

    c2 – Regular scheduled published content (dates of when nurses will be out in the community giving shots, published bi-monthly)

    c3 – Services – a-la-carte items (e.g. B12 injection for $20)

    c4 – Programs – basket of items (Purchase 9 B12 injections, get the 10th one free)

    c5 – Articles – Which can be related to both programs and services
    – Products – standalone items which can be purchased, hopefully directly off the site

    Specific question I am asking for your help with, Bryan:

    1 – Is it foolish to try to do all of this only using posts?

    2 – I am using category level 1 to denote the “type” of content (c1 vs c2 etc). Category level 2 denotes the subject matter (“Detox Program” versus “Weight Loss Program”). Is there a cleaner way to do this?

    3 – Do you have a recommendation for easily managing the post sequence that works well with pagelines, to facilitate the above. I am almost thinking of an importance flag. At a minimum, i need to list posts in non-chronological and chronological order simultaneously.

    Thanks a lot,


    Bryan Hadaway

    Many people will say that the homepage needs to be the landing page, a page that engages the viewer right away and lays out what everything is about. Also people want to find contact info right away and NOT have to search for it.

    So I would say general design; phone number and email found in the sidebar of every page. Then “pages” in this order in your nav menu:

    Home: Make this a feature page and layout in the first slide exactly what you’re all about. Set as static front page in Settings > Reading.

    Articles: Make this the blog page. Set as blog page in Settings > Reading.

    Services: Make this an informational page only and link to;

    Programs: Items / shopping cart page. I recommend the WP eStore plugin.

    Contact: With contact form. This is because many people will simply look for this page so why not oblige them.


    1. No, you could use posts for everything even pages. This is a clever trick as posts load faster and lighter than pages anyway. You’ll now need to create a custom menu in: Appearance > Menus now though.

    2. Looks like a good idea to me. This could always be adjusted later.

    3. I think you’ll just need to get creative and comfortable. nothing more to add for now except for a few plugin that may aid you:

    List Category Posts:

    All in One SEO Pack:

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Thanks, Bryan


    Thanks a lot Bryan, great tips!

    I do have lots more questions, so maybe I’ll jot them all down and post them in one go so you don’t have to waste your valuable time checking again and again.

    Bryan Hadaway

    No problem, you’re welcome.

    Thanks, Bryan

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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