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    I’ve got a question about the free Platform theme for WordPress- which I really like. First I had some trouble about showing the full posts (no “read more”) on the frontpage, but I somehow solved that already.

    But some questions remain. The post-page (let’s call it the news-page) is now the first page, but I want the frontpage smaller. I want to show one (or two) blog-posts on the frontpage together with a video and some text, and a second page for the news-archive. But I can’t find a way to embed the posts on a page.

    So is there a way to do that? On page 1 I only want to include one post, on the other page more.

    I hope you can help me!



    Bryan Hadaway

    Hi Wouter,

    A few options and settings;

    – You can limit the amount of blog posts to show on the main page from:

    Settings > Reading

    – For the second “blog” page you would need to simply mark all the posts to be shown there in the same category. Say there was a category “Cats” – if you go to:

    You’ll see that there is a page for this. Now, to link to it in the menu you would need to recreate your menu custom in:

    Appearance > Menus

    – A few other options would be to create a new page and then use plugins with it:

    along with:

    – I wouldn’t recommend getting into the code in the template files or WordPress, but a bit more hands on approach would be to use PHP directly in pages/posts with:

    and code found here:

    Well, that should be enough to keep you busy :).

    If you ever consider trying pro, you can test them here.

    Thanks, Bryan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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