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    How do you go about choosing a doctype for your site?

    What are the ramifications for getting it wrong?

    Bryan Hadaway

    Hi PI48895,

    I think content/language type is more likely to cause issues especially with character encoding like &, ©, etc. Code might break and there will be other validation issues if your content/code doesn’t match the doctype that represents it. I actually recommend the HTML5 doctype and UTF-8 for content.

    HTML5 and CSS3 aren’t exactly officially supported yet, but the HTML5 doctype is completely harmless and backward compatible. So, I say might as well start using it since it will become the standard anyway. And I think they prepared the doctype to be permanent, so even with HTML6, 7, 8 etc it will still be:

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    which is very nice.

    I’ve written and designed several website templates and WordPress themes using respected and up-to-date standards:

    Website Templates:

    WordPress Themes:

    New WordPress theme I just released:

    Thanks, Bryan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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