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    Love the theme, makes it so easy to change colours and has a nice layout as well.

    I’m having some difficulty getting the colour to stick, after initially installing the theme, I set a colour which worked perfectly (under Appearance > Theme Color) but I now wish to change the color to a different one.

    When I paste the hex code I want (1E1649) into the box, as soon as I click out of the box or click the save button, the code disappears and the default cyan color is used. I have tried multiple browsers, clearing cookies/cache but doesn’t seem to be related to that.

    It seems to be if the hex code contains a letter, it will not apply, if the code is just numbers then it will, unless it’s just a coincidence. Could you let me know where this setting is stored in the database so I can change it manually or is it a bit more complex than that?

    Tried to record a screencast to show you what I mean but can’t get that to upload at the moment, will post a link if I do.


    Bryan Hadaway


    Can take a few days for the review and approval process to complete so you can manually download the update from:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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