Tired of Technology

Woh, for a tech blog, that’s about as cynical and ironic of a header as you can get, but it’s true.

As much as I feel some days like completely deleting all those many social profiles I’ve built, wiping out all my websites, blogs, and comments across the web, tossing my laptop in the trash, turning off my internet, and going outside and taking a walk, riding a bike, or climbing a mountain and never looking back, I really am integrated and my very livelihood depends on “staying connected.”

If I have any readers out there that follow my blog, you’ll have no doubt noticed I’ve been MIA and have been pretty much dismantling, retiring, or selling off a lot of my projects. While that simply makes sense as I spend more time on CyberChimps and other projects I’m involved in, it also has a lot to do with me just not feeling very passionate or inspired by technology in general lately.

Technology, at this point, is completely saturated and saturating everything else in our world. From people talking about every personal detail of their life on Facebook, to the instant gratification of people mind-dumping on Twitter, to going outside anywhere public or even sitting at a restaurant only to find everyone staring down at their iPhone texting instead of engaging in the real world, to parents instead of plopping their kids down in front of the TV are slapping an iPad in their hands. I should hope it’s enough to make most sensible people feel nauseous and take a step back and take a look at what this all means as our world evolves.

There are so many social networking sites now, and for my own sanity I can tell you that I do not use one of them, not a single one in any personal capacity whatsoever, nor do I even have an iPhone. As the professional “Bryan Hadaway,” sure, I have all the stock social profiles, and sure, for the various projects I run I’ve given theme their obligatory Facebook and Twitter pages, but I don’t get on Facebook and Twitter to chat with friends and family or share pictures of my food.

My friends and family actually find it quite curious, that me, being the “computer guy,” am actually less connected than any of them. The answer is simple, I stare at this god forsaken laptop every single day for work. When I leave the house I don’t want to bring with me an iPhone (which is just another computer) everywhere I go. I want to disconnect and be in the real world.

As a tech-savvy person, I think the novelty of it all has worn quite thin and I instead start to see a lot more of how technology is hurting society (as much as it helps it) with the NSA watching and listening to and reading everything we do, new ways for people to hurt or rob one another, and the impact it has, not only on people inside their homes, but on the outside too.

The innocent days of kickball are gone. If you walk onto any playground in America I’m willing to bet you’ll find kids sitting on swings staring at their phones instead of actually swinging. Not only that, the days of children naturally learning and discovering the world around them are pretty much non-existent. Everything good or bad they ever wanted to know about is just at their fingertips before they’re nearly mature enough to properly process all that information.

I’m in my twenties; I still have a lot to learn. My generation watched the transformation from almost no one having internet or a cell phone (not even adults) to everyone having internet on their phone, in their pocket, and watching each year as the average age for kids to have a phone got younger and younger, watching as technology (aka convenience) increased, critical thinking, independence, and exercise decreased. To put it another way, the more technology we have, the dumber, fatter, and more apathetic we’re getting.

I’m growing tired of the faceless, toneless, emotionless, uninhibited conversations that take place online. I’m tired of only having good and kind intentions and still being perceived as rude and somehow offending someone because they’re applying whatever tone they’re creating in their own mind to my words.

I’ve seen so much blatant pettiness, ignorance, rudeness, and sarcasm in online communities that no sane person would dare exhibit in real life, in front of other people. I’m tired of rewarding the lowest common denominator behavior of people downvoting things they do not agree with instead of intelligently communicating their thoughts, or making fun of things or people on YouTube for their own lack of capability to empathize or understand outside of their own selfish closed-mindedness and then receiving praise from others for it.

The internet really is quite a grotesque place at times where people can hide behind their computers and pseudo-names and take no responsibility for their behavior, and by doing so, drive up the popularity and stock prices of these corporations that often view consumers as nothing more than numbers, scarecrows stuffed with dollar bills.

It’s absolutely a love/hate relationship, because believe me, I spend a lot of time online, I make my money online, and don’t for one second think that the irony of the fact that I even have the privilege to have internet in the first place in order to then go on to essentially bash that very technology, escapes me. To that point, I suppose it really isn’t technology that’s the problem, but how people are using it and the unhealthy addictions it’s creating.

Being tired of technology is very much a first-world problem to have, but that’s where I live and those are my thoughts.

PS: I’m tired of all the commercialism and even the stupid, obnoxious ads that I have on this very blog. But, that’s one way technology benefits me, making a living.

My love/hate of tech is at about 50/50. Where do you stand on the subject?

  • gabriel

    Well said, I appreciate not only the clarity of your observation but

    the sincerity with which you speak, that somehow you are maintaining a

    hold of your authenticity and life force despite being positively

    submerged in an abstract disassociated temporary dreamworld that has

    been hijacked in a million ways by the corporate luciferan shit show

    and a pervasive mono-cultural, one dimensional social playground. I

    wonder about different ways technology can be utilized for genuine

    communication and collective maturation. I actually have a lot of

    faith in the potential of the internet and technology and it pains me

    that it’s just being commandeered for the next level of social

    engineering. Things are changing very fast. I think it’s wise of you

    let anything go that doesn’t resonate with the truth of who you are,

    that doesn’t pour forth directly from the very ground you stand. All

    this stuff becomes so much meaningless appendage, but maybe it doesn’t

    even deserve judgement. You can play the game and still come back to

    what matters, to what is real; you can live here and now. You know

    this is all going to come crashing down sooner or later. Just don’t

    forget how to live and how to get along with others.

  • Wow–love this post. As the other commenter said, “Well said.” It’s quite sad, yet true that we humans are becoming increasingly disconnected from our bodies and Souls, and emotions, as we plug our mind and beings (near constantly) into technology. I don’t know where my love/hate ratio with the techno revo is at. I do know that, like you, as a person who earns her living almost exclusively online, I am looking to integrate all of my brands (to simplify, and make more effective) and minimize my technological experience. #thanksforposting

  • Greg Tracy

    I like your article… sounds about right to me. As an owner of a technology company, I hate technology about 50% of the time. I wrote a post with similar theme a few years ago. http://blueroof.wordpress.com/2009/03/14/social-media-is-not-a-social-life/

  • Ch

    I’m mostly tired of how isolating it is. No more going to rent movies and actually talking to people in the movie store, no talking to cashiers since they are automated, no talking face to face or even in voice because of texting and Facebook. It’s getting very lonely.

  • neoone

    “Technology, at this point, is completely saturated and saturating everything else in our world.”
    I respect your article Bryan. Unlike many of your peers, you come out and say proudly that you are 27 and still have “a lot to learn.” That statement alone puts you years ahead of the rest of the Milen trendy tech trend crowd. Just some quick advice – its only as saturated as you believe. No social network is gonna die if you don’t post or like or retweet, or nobody is gonna hate you for not commenting on yet another picture uploaded. If someone doesn’t respond to you like a normal person via a phone call, then that person isn’t worth having as a friend.

    Years ago I was in Finances, where email was literally my livelihood as my work depended on the contacting of many C level types who really had seconds only to dedicate on the phone. That career DEPENDED on technology in order to become not only successful, but just to function. That was 10 years ago. I had more of an excuse then to endlessly stay connected than most people today, as again it was MY JOB, and YET, I still did things like a normal person, talked to people, went outside, enjoyed nature, held relationships, went dancing, loved at the beach, etc. The Blackberry was big then, and I barley used it. Most people today, even infants, come from a time where they are not literally connected to a device, and as such, there really is no excuse to not be able to “get away” and just do things like you used to. This is so the Matrix now its not even funny. We now literally have hundreds of millions of addicts in the world, in every country. Yaay!!

  • It’s funny you mention it, because this was written a year and a half ago and I’ve already come so much further in my understanding then when I first wrote it. I re-read it and I still have those days, but my positivity is much more balanced these days.

    I definitely agree in that it’s a choice. Not to say I’ve pulled a 180 and have become a fake-smiling kind of person (we all know the type). It’s more of an acceptance that the world really is “messed up” on some levels, but I’ll focus my energy on the positive anyways.

    Instead of spending so much time and energy on things I can’t control, I reallocate those precious resources to those things I can, getting errands done, working on creative projects, enjoying more things I’ve been putting off, etc.

    Perception of reality certainly is an elusive beast that takes a lifetime to tame; tame, but never truly own. Like the weather, there are certain aspects that will always (and probably should) remain wild and unpredictable.

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

  • neoone

    Cheers Bryan great analysis more than happy to help in anyway I can, happy for you take care! =)

  • Liquidreasoning

    I’m tired of the price of technology. They nickel and dime you to death. phone, internet, cable.. you have to buy multiple internet connections.. then the websites and all their fees,, hulu, netflix, etc etc.. man I’m so sick of paying for all of this crap.. JUST to have it be used as a weapon against me by hackers, isis, government, employers.. WHY DO WE DO THIS…

  • Wendy Jone

    Here’s the part of technology I am tired of:

    – The debuggers I had to download for my Javascript class won’t step through code; they simply stop working.
    – While trying to troubleshoot the above problem, I discovered that the antivirus program I’d renewed for one year in May (it’s now November) has declared itself expired.
    – I sent an email to the antivirus company (after searching a while to find support contacts), but received no “success” message. I don’t know if they got it. Haven’t received a confirmation email yet.
    – The tech school class enrollment site isn’t working correctly with my husband’s Mac.
    – The touchpad on my laptop intermittently stops working. I finally bought an external mouse.
    – My phone updated itself and as a result, I suddenly (on a Friday night) could not make or receive phone calls. (I don’t have a smart phone. Just a …phone.)
    – I attempted to back up a software file to a thumb drive. It had 8 GB of free space, and my file was 5 GB. Online research revealed that my drive was formatted using FAT, which limits files to 4 GB or less.
    – I used our new combo copymachine/fax at work to send documentation to my health insurance company. It didn’t print verification, but after contacting I.T. we finally figured out how to print the log, and the fax number is on it. However, the insurance company claimed they didn’t get it.
    – So I called them; of course their automated system wants me to plug in my password. The only password I’ve created was for my web login to their site. When I finally reached a person, they told me I was supposed to use my web login. I told them it included special characters as recommended by their site. That stumped them.


    I don’t have time for technology anymore.

    And in many situations, I don’t seem to have a choice. Rat in a cage..

  • gillian2005

    Walking down the street today I decided to count how many people were either yakking about some useless shit or texting—or otherwise fondling their ‘device”. 80%. Yup–from ten year olds to blue hairs….at the next table in my fave restaurant….bumping into lamposts….in the movies…..in church……everywhere I look it;s tecnozombie village. My friend thought it was a good idea for me to join in on all this so she bought me a brand new Xiaomi (shaome) Redmi note 2 gizmo. No English user manual….nothing online that comes close to being one…..such a techo marvel. I gave it back to her. I don’t want to have to tell a piece of techno crap NOT to track me. I don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out what’s wrong with the goddam thing (of course it’s me that must be wrong!). I don’t want some little intruder beeping, flashing, vibrating, talking at me. I’ve had enough. Take it away. Leave me alone.

  • Ha! Just the other day a friend was trying to push their old iPhone on me, because having any iPhone is better than having no iPhone, right? While I appreciate the gesture and politely declined, it really is starting to feel like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    There’s almost a stigma now about not having an iPhone, even if you have another type of smartphone, it’s still like:

    “Oh, they can’t afford the real thing.”

    And we know that an iPhone is certainly the Rolls-Royce of phones. Might as well be called “The Phone”. I can picture the black and white short film now about all the people with “The Phone” tracking down the last of us without it like zombies:

    “Just give in!”, “Join us!”, “What are you waiting for?”, “Look at all the stuff it can do.”

    With someone being trapped in a corner and closed-in on:


    Fade to black.

  • Cuurs

    Kinda dated post, but even more valid. I used to be it IT for quite some time, I started back in the day when 28k8 modems were hot and isdn was nearly unheard of.

    How I miss the days dialing in with my modem and spend the night shooting pilots with my bootlegged version of Descent II.

    50:50 love/hate? Hate took the upper hand. I chose factory labor and sailing shortly after.

  • Zander

    The worst is when you feel like you can’t escape the technology. When the technology…is your only escape. When the real world is worse than the internet, that’s when you know shits gone south. Fortunately, that’s not the case for me anymore. But…I’m just sayin haha.

    I’m excited because I think I’m reaching a point where I’ll be leaving the internet behind for a while. And I hope to only minorly reintegrate it when it becomes a useful commodity in my life. To which the internet was originally intended.

  • Tony

    29 yr old Satellite Commo Engineer, was making 6-figures out of the Army being a computer monkey. After about 7 years in an amazing career field with a huge leg up and more than everything I needed, I quit. No more screens, emails, constant secure password changes. I’m making 90% less as a part-time construction worker and miss the money a little bit but I REFUSE to enslave myself to these BS tech positions that slowly cook you under fluorescent lights. The disrespect that the infinite distance of the digital world offers disgusts me, I took so many phone calls and answer so many passive-aggressive emails. I still battle the urge to pick up my iPhone/pad often but I’ve been 100% without any of these Facey Twithead accounts for years. I try so hard to encourage others to do the same with comments (real life, face to face) like “FB, people still use that? I thought that was for kids?!” The idea of becoming a Twithead was so repulsive that I still have yet to ever create an account. Perhaps my “useless tech/app” radar is ahead of the game but I was certainly addicted to FB for a couple years. I’ve been playing a Nintendo (OGamer) and Atari and…iDevices now for 2/3 of my life and I want it back. I feel scoially awkward because I refuse to have social media and will probably never get a girlfriend because when girls check me online to make sure I’m not a creep, they get weirded out by my lack of internet presence. My PHYSICAL presence feels pointless, I’d talk to girls but they all live on their phones. I respect textNdrivers far less than drunk drivers and that’s 90% of women. Equally guilty are us men but I’m stating my perspective of the apalling deterioration of social skills lost to (ANTI)-social media.

    I’m hoping Trump gets elected. Then maybe we get a jump on WW3 and get that RESET button I wish for so deeply. Perhaps it’s not the world that needs to change but me? I think a little o’ bofe. Thanks for reading.

  • Lisa

    Loved this article. I know its not just me.

    Where is the right place for people who feel like this? In unemployed, but looking. I HATE submitting resumes online, knowing that most likely, no one will read it. At best, I might get an impersonal “thanks, but no thanks” weeks after submitting. I started simply calling places that advertised openings, but it seems these places are SO dependent on their virtual process, can’t or have no interest in talking with me or answering a couple questions. Even personally networking with friends leads me back to a link. I want to give my resume on paper, into a humans hands, and exchange personal greetings and smiles. You know, a human experience? Remember those?

    These days I’m SO turned off by most things online. Simple queries about simple things return SO MUCH CRAP that I typically read 4 articles before deciding the average answer is legitimate.

    So what now? Forced to use a “resource” that is the equivalent of tabloids. How do you check integrity?

    And I do believe that doing things online has become far more time consuming than the “old fashioned” ways, which is counter productive in shirt term, and long term.

    I truly feel backed into a corner.