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PayPal: If You’re an Online Pro or Business You Need It

My honest review and professional advice is that if you’re currently working out how you’ll receive payments from clients or customers… You Need PayPal Not want it, need it (regardless of how you feel personally about PayPal). Today, and for a long time now, PayPal has been the most popular way to pay and get […]

Getting Started with Your Very First Website

Many people these days need a website for business or just want one for personal use. Whether you have no idea how or where to start or you have some vague idea about where to start, this article is for you. Possibly, you’ve heard from word-of-mouth about how GoDaddy is the way to go, this […]

Best and Worst List of Software / Services

Keep in mind I’m referring to well-known, popular products. Obviously, there are far worse products out there that are relatively unknown, so not really notable. Web / Internet Browser Best Mozilla Firefox Worst Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Ant-virus Software Best AVG Free Anti-virus Worst Symantec Norton Anti-virus (AKA McAfee Ant-virus) Firewall Software Best ZoneAlarm Free […]

iMacros is Amazing

Automate Everything. Every online professional should be using iMacros for Firefox, which is simply amazing. I was first introduced to it when I was working on a client’s Facebook account, and their profile’s wall was from top to bottom, full of other people’s advertising posts. Naturally, these should and need to be cleaned up. After […]