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The “S” in https Stands for Sexy

I wanted to run-down a quick analysis on our recent obsession with that green padlock that gives us the warm and fuzzies all over. What exactly is it; what exactly does it mean; what exactly does it do? When you see https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) alongside a solid padlock with no error messages in […]

Way Too Much Information

While that’s often associated with a sarcastic remark to someone who’s perhaps revealed too intimate of details about themselves, I’m actually referring to something else entirely — the disturbing amount of information others have on us. The truth of the matter is that we’re identified and profiled by a staggering amount of statistics in the […]

Privacy Mistakes that Never Even Occur to Most People

I think most people these days are pretty savvy to obvious security and privacy concerns with say, using Facebook and Google for example. However, listed below are some common, but often overlooked (even ironically counter-productive in some cases) privacy issues. Shredding Documents I personally think this is the dumbest and most widely used privacy mistake […]