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Sellwire — The Best Way to Sell Digital Goods Online

Sellwire is hands-down the winner for the overall best way to sell software, themes, plugins, PDFs, etc. online. I discovered this after weeks of signing up for and testing all the popular competitors. I tried Fetch, Pulley, PayLoadz, Sellfy, and a desperate dozen others to try and find something suitable. What I needed and Sellwire […]

PayPal: If You’re an Online Pro or Business You Need It

My honest review and professional advice is that if you’re currently working out how you’ll receive payments from clients or customers… You Need PayPal Not want it, need it (regardless of how you feel personally about PayPal). Today, and for a long time now, PayPal has been the most popular way to pay and get […]

PayPal: More Buyer Protection? What About Seller Protection?

I like PayPal and will continue to use PayPal. Of course, there is nothing wrong with Buyer Protection, but what about Seller Protection? I’ve seen endless advancements in Buyer Protection, but does Seller Protection even exist? Just received the following from PayPal: “Hello Bryan Hadaway, As of 11/01/10, your customers who pay with PayPal are […]