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Is My Online Information Private?

No. At least, not completely. From text messages, phone calls and voicemail, email and IM chats, to search history, shopping habits, etc., your privacy is for the most part, an illusion. The only thing that is private is what’s inside of your head. Once you share something in any capacity, especially through technology, it is […]

How to Make Money Blogging

My first piece of advice is an ironic and possibly radical one. The best way to make money online blogging, is actually to make that goal secondary. The methodology here, is that you should first, actually enjoy writing about a certain topic, whether you’re making money or not. If your blog isn’t a labor of […]

AVG vs Norton

I’ve known the answer to that question for a long time. AVG is clearly the better anti-virus software. However, at the end of this article will be a chance for everyone to chime in. A friend of mine once said that Norton itself is a virus, couldn’t agree more. I’ve cleaned all the crapware off […]

Portfolios: One Tough Psychological Cookie

There’s no arguing that it’s vital for any professional, of any kind, to have a portfolio. You just have to have one. However, even when you have one, a substantially large portfolio even, it will still be a battle every now and then. I think the biggest issue is that when it comes to technology, […]

Real-world vs Online Networking

Real-world Networking Unless you’ve lived in a bomb shelter your whole life, whether you know it or not, you already do real-world networking, because it’s basic human nature. All throughout our lives, I’m sure most of us networked in one way or another. From kindergarten, being friends with the rich kid who had the really […]

False Advertising: Legal or Illegal?

Is false advertising illegal? Yes, of course. At least, that’s what I’ve always thought. Well, for just about as long as I can remember, most companies have lied or mislead us in one way or another. Sure, there’s a lot of fine print and red tape and most companies are likely using legal loopholes. But, […]

How to Properly Submit a DMOZ Listing

DMOZ has now been closed. An unofficial clone, that this tutorial may still be relevant to, has been created here. A lot of people want to get listed on DMOZ.org (Open Directory Project). Why? Because Google likes DMOZ. What weight this has on your PageRank or SERPs isn’t precisely known. But, it certainly can’t hurt. […]

How to Submit a Website to the hengine Search Engine

hengine.org is a human search engine that I created. I call it “The Human Search Engine” because I put an emphasis on human-filtering the results. This means that like DMOZ, I only accept quality websites that meet a certain standard. I don’t send out search engine crawlers to automatically collect and index websites/webpages like Google […]

Kudos to the Team Behind the Kevin Bacon Spot

First, watch it: There’s nothing worse than when a TV ad tries to be funny or relate to a demographic and fails miserably. It only serves to add to the annoyance of a commercial and further makes you not like or want the product because you’re now associating it with stupidity. It sounds silly, but […]

Getting Started with Your Very First Website

Many people these days need a website for business or just want one for personal use. Whether you have no idea how or where to start or you have some vague idea about where to start, this article is for you. Possibly, you’ve heard from word-of-mouth about how GoDaddy is the way to go, this […]