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How to Create a Slack Chat Community with Auto-invites

UPDATE — Just ignore everything below and go here: https://my.slack.com/admin/shared_invites. Hands-down, the easiest solution. UPDATE: New Public/Shared Slack Invite Links — The solution below that I’ve written might be obsolete very soon. Slack has no doubt taken notice how many communities (not just company teams) are utilizing Slack. They haven’t given in completely yet, but […]

Story of the Internet Troll

Where in the real world, many people are average, boring, conservative consumerists, that dress alike and think alike, drive the same cars, and listen to the same music in an almost pathological “I’m completely normal and socially acceptable, so please don’t look at me or judge.” kind of way, the internet is a totally different […]

In Modern Business, Phone Calls are Inefficient

Lessons Learned After a Decade of Practicing My Text-only Communication Philosophy Technology and communication styles have advanced significantly over the past decade, and many lessons were learned, especially in 2020. I originally wrote this article many years ago, and I still practice this philosophy today, while still successfully acquiring and keeping clients as well as […]