Sellwire — The Best Way to Sell Digital Goods Online

Sellwire is hands-down the winner for the overall best way to sell software, themes, plugins, PDFs, etc. online. I discovered this after weeks of signing up for and testing all the popular competitors.

I tried Fetch, Pulley, PayLoadz, Sellfy, and a desperate dozen others to try and find something suitable.

What I needed and Sellwire was able to deliver on, was:

  • PayPal. Check.
  • Hosted downloads (available with ease instantly after payment). Check.
  • Customers have access to latest versions. Check.
  • Simple product payment URLs (no software or implementation of embed/form codes needed). Check.
  • Non-intrusive, uncomplicated processing. Check.
  • Best pricing arrangement available (only $0.10 per sale as you go — no monthly fees). Check.

Just how incredibly beautiful and simple is Sellwire? Here’s a live demo of one of my product payment URLs (even shortened by the Sellwire app): — Of course, you can then paste this in emails, on Facebook or Twitter, or dress it up in a button on a product page of your website, etc.

There are many other great features as well, but that was the only criteria I was going by, very simple, not asking a lot and yet all other digital goods pay and download services failed. They were either too simple, missing basic features, over-complicated for both myself and customers to use the system, or the pricing was ridiculous. Finding Sellwire was really just a fluke and it had only just launched its beta.

Even so, its beta was better than all other similar apps that have been around for years. How can this be? I think the answer is simple, Gilbert Pellegrom of Dev7studios, better known as the creator of the world’s most popular slider plugin, Nivo. The guy isn’t just smart and clearly a great programmer, he understands the industry, simplicity is key. By no means, not simple in preparation, programming, testing, design, and marketing, but that’s the hard work that brings a solid, quality, and reliable experience to the end-user.

Mr. Pellegrom is also extremely professional, yet down to earth and polite. I have never posed a question or comment that he wasn’t able to solve and respond to personally himself.

I’m sincerely confident that you’d be happy using any of the many services offered by him and his team or partners. I actually just noticed he has another service that I’ll be looking into shortly after publishing this article.

To me, Dev7studios is synonymous with quality and innovation. Though a small and perhaps relatively unknown company at present, I suspect in the next 5 years, they will be a huge name in the web industry. Keepin’ an eye on them.