Kudos to the Team Behind the Kevin Bacon Spot

First, watch it:

There’s nothing worse than when a TV ad tries to be funny or relate to a demographic and fails miserably. It only serves to add to the annoyance of a commercial and further makes you not like or want the product because you’re now associating it with stupidity.

It sounds silly, but a person might think outright or more on subconscious level “With all their millions of dollars, they couldn’t hire a team to put something better together? How smart are they or good could their product be?“. People really think this way, although completely illogical, that’s the way it goes.

In rare instances, marketing teams and writers get it right. This is one of those moments. Good work guys, good work. First, the commercial makes me laugh every time I see it, making me think there’s someone with half a brain working at Logitech’s marketing department or whoever they wisely hired.

Second, I actually checked out the product. I may be a little biased though because I already use Logitech products and like tech-related stuff anyway.

Not sure if it was put together in-house or by an third-party team, but whoever is responsible, good work.