iMacros is Amazing

Automate Everything.

Every online professional should be using iMacros for Firefox, which is simply amazing.

I was first introduced to it when I was working on a client’s Facebook account, and their profile’s wall was from top to bottom, full of other people’s advertising posts. Naturally, these should and need to be cleaned up. After scouring Facebook’s settings, it became apparent that I would need to delete every one of these hundreds of posts one-by-one, manually.

I got started, instead of dwelling on the daunting task at hand. It’s said we stress and spend more energy thinking about tasks, than actually doing them. After a while of doing this I started thinking, there must be another way to do this? I put my Googling cap on and found the solution: iMacros.

With this Firefox add-on, I was able to record only once the task of removing one of these wall posts and then setting it to play and automate the rest. I set it to replay 1,000 times just to play it safe, went into town and got lunch, and when I returned… there was one beautifully clean wall!

I reminisced about so many tedious, repetitive tasks I’d done in previous years that would have been made a breeze with this technique. There are so many automation tasks that iMacros could be used for. It could be used for approving requests, deleting spam, and whatever else you could think of for the most part. Could even replace the need for an assistant for some people.

I’d love to hear other uses of iMacros that have been implemented for tasks that otherwise would have been daunting. Also, if you need help automating something, maybe I can take a shot at making iMacros work for you.