Gmail: Email Intervention

Gmail is hands-down, the best email service you can possibly use. Even if you went looking for one that you had to pay for, you’re still not going to find anything better. Google knows this, and are running a smart marketing campaign to that effect: — now removed, see here instead

I’ve used Gmail since day one, when it took an invite to get a beta account. Even since then (although there have been many advancements), it was still better than even what Hotmail or Yahoo email services are today. Why? Conversations! Instead of an extremely annoying email system where every single back-and-forth reply is an entirely separate email, a whole conversation is tracked in a thread-like list in just one email.

I can understand if you don’t really care, you’re not really big on using email anyway. But, Gmail is not just for tech-savvies. If you email a lot or if you have a business (which means you better have an online presence), you also better be using Gmail for communications. You might be thinking: “That doesn’t sound very professional,

Not to worry, you can manage your entire server’s email with: Gmail for Work. So, you can have managed by Gmail. Not only that, but you can use Google Calendar, Docs, Talk, and more to handle your internal communications and organization.

Here’s a Really Cool Trick That Even Veteran Gmail Users Might Not Even Know About

Gmail is 2 for 1! If you have you also have How’s that helpful? One example, is that I have separate Facebook accounts for both personal and work use. This means I could use the two technically-separate email addresses, but still manage everything in one spot, from one account.

Let’s Not Forget…

When you have a Gmail account, that also means you have a Google account to give you access to many great services: YouTube, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, AdSense, AdWords, the coveted Google+, and tons more, all managed in one place.

Consider Yourself Intervened!

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