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Severely Ugly Websites

How does it happen? I think two things when I see an awful website: They must not know? Perhaps they got screwed over by some 13-year-old kid in his Mum’s basement that claimed to be a ‘professional’? Since I’m not especially interested in being negative, I’m not going to link directly to any examples. I’ll […]

Best Open Source Forum Software: vBulletin vs phpBB vs bbPress vs Vanilla

First, I’d like to say as far as the blog/website/CMS software war is concerned, that is: WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal I’ve already chosen WordPress as the best and that will have an impact on my choice of the best free and open source forum software. Also, SEO-friendliness will take priority as this is what […]

How to Create Inset Text with CSS3

This often gets confused with “How to Create Indented Text with CSS3” which is completely different. Indent, to me at least, means an indented paragraph. If that’s what you’re here looking for, I won’t leave you hanging, it’s: p{text-indent:20px} What I’m referring to, is my new favorite CSS3 technique: Hello, how are you today? VS […]

I’m on a Mission to Completely Destroy All www.

To me, www. is dead (read that article here), and has been for sometime. It has no comprehensible use or purpose any longer that I am aware of except for taking up space and time and frankly, looks a little dated. I’m on a mission to strip it from all of my personal websites and […]

Something Every CSS Stylesheet Should Have

Perhaps someone a lot smarter than myself can explain it to me, but I’ve never understood why browsers, by default, do not show form input submit buttons as clickable by changing your mouse cursor to a pointer (hand pointing finger) when hovering over them? I think the cursor should change to a pointer whenever an […]

Writing and Readability Cheatsheet

Most of the guidelines below apply to common English for both the web and print in most contexts. However, keep in mind that my advice on writing styles is based mostly on non-fiction, American English on the web. Writing. Write what you know. This is without a doubt, the most regurgitated piece of advice on […]

Pure CSS3 Only Graphic Button

This button contains gradient and shadow effects without the use of actual graphics or JavaScript whatsoever. I’m using just about every CSS style that could be used on the button for your reference. Although, some may find that it looks better by pulling a few styles back. You could always add more effects too. Also, […]

Screen Calipers: Web Designer’s Best Friend

Like a carpenter’s measuring tape, it’s right there on your tool belt to assist you when you need it. We’re not measuring inches or feet, however, but on-screen pixels. Measure widths and heights, gutters, make sure something is perfectly center, you name it. Also helps out in graphic design projects. A good designer is pixel […]

Getting Started with Your Very First Website

Many people these days need a website for business or just want one for personal use. Whether you have no idea how or where to start or you have some vague idea about where to start, this article is for you. Possibly, you’ve heard from word-of-mouth about how GoDaddy is the way to go, this […]

Pure CSS Only Dropdown Menu

UPDATE — Find the better, updated script here which I recommend over this one. It’s a little more stylized, but the code is cleaner, better. Just strip the styles off and replace with your own. This is my first attempt at writing my own CSS dropdown menu from scratch. As always, my main goal is […]