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PayPal: If You’re an Online Pro or Business You Need It

My honest review and professional advice is that if you’re currently working out how you’ll receive payments from clients or customers… You Need PayPal Not want it, need it (regardless of how you feel personally about PayPal). Today, and for a long time now, PayPal has been the most popular way to pay and get […]

Kudos to the Team Behind the Kevin Bacon Spot

First, watch it: There’s nothing worse than when a TV ad tries to be funny or relate to a demographic and fails miserably. It only serves to add to the annoyance of a commercial and further makes you not like or want the product because you’re now associating it with stupidity. It sounds silly, but […]

PayPal: More Buyer Protection? What About Seller Protection?

I like PayPal and will continue to use PayPal. Of course, there is nothing wrong with Buyer Protection, but what about Seller Protection? I’ve seen endless advancements in Buyer Protection, but does Seller Protection even exist? Just received the following from PayPal: “Hello Bryan Hadaway, As of 11/01/10, your customers who pay with PayPal are […]

Best and Worst List of Software / Services

Keep in mind I’m referring to well-known, popular products. Obviously, there are far worse products out there that are relatively unknown, so not really notable. Web / Internet Browser Best Mozilla Firefox Worst Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Ant-virus Software Best AVG Free Anti-virus Worst Symantec Norton Anti-virus (AKA McAfee Ant-virus) Firewall Software Best ZoneAlarm Free […]

iMacros is Amazing

Automate Everything. Every online professional should be using iMacros for Firefox, which is simply amazing. I was first introduced to it when I was working on a client’s Facebook account, and their profile’s wall was from top to bottom, full of other people’s advertising posts. Naturally, these should and need to be cleaned up. After […]

Netflix to End Cable and Blockbuster

Find updated article on the situation here. At this point, I think it’s safe to say that Netflix is an unstoppable beast. For as little as $8.99/month you can get something that is far more superior than anything Comcast or Dish has to offer at $50+/month and I think it’s very likely to put Blockbuster’s […]

Web Hosting: Best vs Worst

Being a web designer for 10+ years now, I’ve seen a wide range of web hosting setups and I’ve done just about every task associated with a hosting account and website that you can think of. Some hosts were a breeze to navigate and set things up, and some were not. The Best Web Hosting […]