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Any Publicity is NOT Good Publicity

People are very opinionated, to the point of absurdity at times. Some decisions we make are based solely on good and bad associations, regardless of good judgment, logic, or even properly being informed. What separates us from animals is primarily this: An animal’s reality and motivations are based mainly on their instincts A human’s reality […]

One Problem that Every Business Has with Customers

Some might say the biggest issue or bottom line for every business is affordability (of products and services). Others may say quality, demand, or exposure, or all of the above. I say customer relations, and more specifically, whether the business actually cares about their customers or just their money. Every business cares about money, that […]

A-Z of Web Business Mistakes

This is in no way intended to be a definitive, be-all-to-end-all list, but hopefully some may find it helpful. I’ve certainly made some of these mistakes in the past. We’re always learning and the best instance of learning is when you learn something you may be doing wrong, admit it, and come out more knowledgeable […]

The End of www.

UPDATE — Looking to go all non-www. See that article here. This is old news, but still it lingers that people think you must type in before a website in order to reach it. On rare occasion, I’ve even encountered people that think they need to actually type everything out: — this is […]

Marketing & Media: Good vs Bad

I’ll cut to the chase. Most commercials, ads, movies, music, games, etc. that you’re exposed to in your lifetime will just simply not be very good. Why? Because it’s difficult to be original. And once someone does do something great and original, many clones will follow and it will become a worn out fad that’s […]

Be Careful When Hiring an SEO

First thing before hiring an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer): do your research. Here comes what I consider to be the golden rule, are you ready?… If they offer you guarantees: DO NOT HIRE THEM! — There are no guarantees in SEO. Learn this now. See what Google themselves have to say about the subject. That’s […]