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AVG vs Norton

I’ve known the answer to that question for a long time. AVG is clearly the better anti-virus software. However, at the end of this article will be a chance for everyone to chime in. A friend of mine once said that Norton itself is a virus, couldn’t agree more. I’ve cleaned all the crapware off […]

Pixel Perfect, Code Perfect, Graphic Perfect

A good web designer obsesses over every pixel. Symmetry is everything in design, any kind of design. The way an interior decorator places furniture in a room whilst keeping a clean buffer zone for walking, shelves, and other practical housing functions and decor is very similar to the design of a page on a website. […]

Freelancers: Learning to Say “No”

If you’re like me, when you first started out (or if you are just starting out now), we took on many less than desirable projects to keep food on the table. Well, once you’ve put in a few years, you’re going to have to learn to say “No” to projects you don’t want to take […]

Web, Tech, and Business Pet Peeves List

Clients Hey Rockstar! I hate when people say they need a “Rockstar” or “Ninja” anything. Example: “We’re looking for a Rockstar Web Developer!” It’s cheesy, unprofessional, out-dated, and even seems a bit condescending. It’s time that we just be relaxed and straightforward in business. No need for fluff. I Want to Watch You Work O_O […]

Real-world vs Online Networking

Real-world Networking Unless you’ve lived in a bomb shelter your whole life, whether you know it or not, you already do real-world networking, because it’s basic human nature. All throughout our lives, I’m sure most of us networked in one way or another. From kindergarten, being friends with the rich kid who had the really […]

PayPal: More Buyer Protection? What About Seller Protection?

I like PayPal and will continue to use PayPal. Of course, there is nothing wrong with Buyer Protection, but what about Seller Protection? I’ve seen endless advancements in Buyer Protection, but does Seller Protection even exist? Just received the following from PayPal: “Hello Bryan Hadaway, As of 11/01/10, your customers who pay with PayPal are […]

In Modern Business, Phone Calls are Inefficient

I no longer discuss business over the phone. This may not be true for all industries of course, but as a web designer (or remote pro of any kind really), I’ve found that phone calls are unnecessary, inconvenient (usually requires scheduling), ineffective, counter-productive, and ultimately inefficient to the ultimate goal of a project. In the […]

Words: And How They Make Us Money

It’s quite fascinating really, that is, the innovation of man. I know many people struggle to make money online and many others are successfully doing so. I think we can all agree that having at least some computer skills is pretty vital to having a decent job in today’s and tomorrow’s world. I make all […]

One Problem that Every Business Has with Customers

Some might say the biggest issue or bottom line for every business is affordability (of products and services). Others may say quality, demand, or exposure, or all of the above. I say customer relations, and more specifically, whether the business actually cares about their customers or just their money. Every business cares about money, that […]

A-Z of Web Business Mistakes

This is in no way intended to be a definitive, be-all-to-end-all list, but hopefully some may find it helpful. I’ve certainly made some of these mistakes in the past. We’re always learning and the best instance of learning is when you learn something you may be doing wrong, admit it, and come out more knowledgeable […]