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Yahoo! Answers Account Deleted for SPAM

see other article here:

My account has been deactivated and all the questions I worked hard on are now being marked as SPAM and deleted. I’m going to list all of my deleted Q&A that I can salvage here; first, because I worked hard on those answers and it could still be helpful to others and second because I think it’s absolutely a wrong and flawed system that allows people to abuse the flagging system and that Yahoo! is allowing this and not protecting it’s users better, check out my answers and you be the judge if they’re SPAM or not:

UPDATE: There may be light at the end of the tunnel. Looks like someone over at Yahoo! Answers was actually doing their job, and really looked at my answer and my appeal for it being marked as SPAM has been approved;


Thank you for taking the time to submit an appeal. Upon review, we found the following answer was not in violation of the Answers Community Guidelines:

“3 versions, CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3 ( which is technically coming soon as it’s not fully supported yet ). CSS2.1 is the current standards compliant version of CSS to be using.

You should answer the question like this; I use CSS2.1 because it is currently the most respected and supported standards compliant CSS of major and modern browsers. My main concern is cross-browser compatibility and accessibility for users/customers.

Once CSS3 is well supported and the majority of people are using standards compliant web browsers I will be moving onto it, it the meantime I like to read up on it and be prepared for when it’s time to upgrade. …or something to that effect.

Thanks, Bryan”

The Yahoo! Answers Team regrets that your answer was wrongfully reported by the Answers community. Your answer has been reposted to Yahoo! Answers, and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

As a result of your appeal, the people who reported your answer will have less influence when reporting abuse in the future.

Yahoo! Answers Team

Well, all of my answers are just as good as this one, so again why was my account deleted? Because someone was maliciously flagging my answers. I especially like this part;

As a result of your appeal, the people who reported your answer will have less influence when reporting abuse in the future.” – That’s at least a step in the right direction. How about deleting THEIR account for attacking one of your users?

And onto my deleted answers…

(keep in mind that some answers may seem a little “off” and that’s because there is follow up details from the questioner and answers from others that I’m referring to, but I don’t have that info after the questions/answers are deleted)

Question: What kind of name would be good for freelance web design / development website?

Deleted Answer: You could also consider your location or fun action words, or think about the keyword use that might land you traffic from Google.

Say for example you were in Seattle (replace with actual location); or if you’re willing to use a .org, you can often find better/shorter domain names;

Sometimes you’ll think of a great domain name and it’ll already be taken for example; is in fact already taken (sorry), you can try using dashes/hyphens instead, but whenever you do that keep in mind that it makes it all the likely that people will mess that up through word of mouth or when they go to enter your website.

I recommend using to check if your desired domain is available.

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: what is web design software?

Deleted Answer: Web Designer software is often used by the non-professional; to accomplish the code that a professional might hand code cleanly and without error on his/her own. It streamlines the process and make it easier/quicker, but at what cost?

Another would be Adobe Dreamweaver ( I’ve been a Web & Graphic Designer for the last 4 years and just a web professional in general, and if you absolutely need to use Web Design software, I would recommend anything Adobe over Microsoft.

Web Design is not a Microsoft strong point. Besides Windows, Office and Xbox I would not use Microsoft for ANYTHING else.

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: Wich is Better? Graphic Design or Web Design?

Deleted Answer: Neither is better, they both compliment one another and have their balanced pros and cons. I’m actually a Web AND Graphic Designer among many other things. As long as you have good taste and can understand color schemes; what works and what doesn’t as well as typography graphic design might be easier for you. For the most part, graphic design is self contained and controlled, basically you’re either working in Photoshop or Illustrator, if you design for print ads you might be using Quark.

With web design, you’re coding and there are multiple languages that can come into play even for simple websites; CSS / XHTML / XML / PHP and then you must make sure that your website is accessible, standards compliant, fits in the resolution of your target audiences monitors, is cross-browser compatible, that you’re using web-safe fonts and colors and the technicality goes on and on.

An important question to ask yourself is; do you intend on working for a big company like Disney or MTV OR going into business for yourself as freelancer and then possibly running a design firm? This is just my personal advice mind you, if you want to work for a company, you need a degree. If you want to go into business for yourself you absolutely do not need a degree, just a strong portfolio.

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: Graphic Design duties only in a job?

Deleted Answer: Absolutely, and I agree with “Cool”, it is difficult because everyone wants a “do-it-aller”. But, there is a way you can have both.

You can find a silent web developer/designer to partner up with (if you feel like contacted me, great), you can simply post on in the hiring for projects section and say that you are a graphic designer looking for a web designer to work on projects with.

Then when you find/acquire new clients you simply consult with them and feed the details to the web guy and quote the project, you consult with the clients and accept payment, then you make sure your web guy gets paid, simple.

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: What is web design and how do I do it?

Deleted Answer: Actually, Web Design isn’t incredibly difficult with all the software out there. What’s difficult and a true art form is coding from scratch by hand, doing it minimalist and doing it with validity. CSS / XHTML is the most respected standards compliant way to code a website.

Become best friends with: | is the website of the most respected authoritative companies on web standards. Before you get hosting and a domain and start trying to design your own website from scratch, I recommend going to and getting a free blog and practice practice practice on it.

When you have questions, get help from: Stick with it, as we move into the future it’s very important to have computer/web skills, it’s where all the good jobs are going to be. Feel free to contact me and we can schedule a chat, I would be glad to help you on a more personal level and provide tips and resources.

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: which is the most functional web designing language?

Deleted Answer: For the front-end you want standards compliant CSS / XHTML

For the back-end you want PHP / MySql

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: Whats the best web design software?

Deleted Answer: Well, I’ve been a professional Web & Graphic Designer for the past 4 years and I would say without a doubt, no web professional should be without the entire Adobe Creative Suite.

In my opinion, I would say Microsoft is good for Windows, Office, Xbox and nothing else, Adobe, Apple, Google and Mozilla pretty much pick up the rest of the slack for a web pro’s needs.

However, no software will ever be able to replace professional, clean hand coding from scratch.

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: How can I get work experience at a Graphic Design Agency?

Deleted Answer: Easy, just head over to and search the Computer and Creative sections and you will find many offers for internships.

Here’s a quick Google trick to search:


I’ve narrowed the search quite a bit, so you can play around with it a bit. Also, you should post in the London section: – “Looking to be a Graphic Design Intern Over the Summer” or something to that effect.

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: What is a good college for web design?

Deleted Answer: Have you ever thought about teaching yourself and taking certification tests?

You can gain a mountain of knowledge over at:

Over the past 4 years of being a Web & Graphic Designer professionally, I have not been asked once what sort of degree I have, in this industry it’s about your portfolio, pricing and work ethic and mostly it’s about gaining the clients trust.

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: What is the best college/university for Web Design in US?

Deleted Answer: You. I’m a Web & Graphic Designer that is completely self taught. Thank goodness too, or else my career would be years behind where it should be. I’ve actually been hired by 4-5 web design college students to do their work that they couldn’t handle.

The curriculum they were learning was just plain and simply wrong, out-dated garbage, they were clearly ripping these kids off. I’m not saying that there probably isn’t amazing design schools out there, but unless you plan on working for MTV or Disney, you really don’t need a degree. Don’t tell your Mum I told you this ;).

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: Good Online freelance graphic/web design jobs?

Deleted Answer: I’m sure is nothing new to you, so I might recommend checking out:

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: Ideas on what I should name my website?

Deleted Answer: I recommend checking for available domain names at: Sounds interesting, maybe you could use some help?

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: Can someone recommend courses in web design?

Deleted Answer: You can learn, take practice tests and then ultimately become certified at:

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

Question: In need of help with changing careers to Web design?

Deleted Answer: If your interested in teaching yourself like I did then I have some great pointers for you;

1. Learning CSS / XHTML should be your starting point as this is the most respected standards compliant way of coding a website. A great resource for learning is:

2. Get yourself a free blog over at: and practice practice practice.

3. When you run into trouble, your more likely to get useful technical help over at: than you are on Yahoo! Answers.

Thanks, Bryan

Violation Reason: Spam

So, you may not like or agree with my answers, but do you think my account deserved to be deleted? Or do you think things definitely need to be fixed and updated to protect experts/users better, perhaps an identity verification measure to help protect your account?

I want to hear everyone’s thoughts…

Some Leftovers

These answers are just that, only answers… for some reason there is no question info… but I still don’t have the heart to just delete them so here they are:

“Yes, actually. Try:

You may also want to do a quick Google search of: “blank slate website templates”;

Thanks, Bryan”

“Sometimes you simply need the width to be fixed.

If you want it to dynamically fill the page no matter what the screen resolution size, but still have a margin (so it doesn’t just run into the walls), I would do something like this:

.container{width:100%; margin:50px}

<div class="container">Place all content and other divs inside this one div.</div>

Of course it may involve more tinkering on your end, but I’m a minimalist.

Thanks, Bryan”

“I would never limit myself to any geological location when it comes to services that can be found from anyone worldwide.

However, if you have specific reasons for finding someone local, here is a website that shows Web Design companies by location and shows ratings and reviews for you to compare:

Thanks, Bryan”

“Yes, it’s always possible to backup your blog and migrate it later, but I highly recommend that you don’t do this. Why? I assume that you’ll care about your blog and your readers and possibly ad revenue so here are some points to consider:

After migrating from a free host or you’re very likely going to have a change in the domain name, this is going to destroy your PageRank and your previous links, backlinks, pages indexed in Google, everything will no longer work and you’ll essentially be starting over.

Also, anyone that bookmarked your blog or subscribed to your RSS Feed will be screwed. You likely won’t be able to setup a redirect to your new blog URL, I suppose you could leave your old blog up for awhile with a notice of your new location for readers, but not for too long or you will have a duplicate content problem to deal with.

I highly recommend doing it right the first time around and getting an actually host and domain for your blog. I’ve written an article about web hosting that might be useful to you:

Thanks, Bryan”

Thanks for reading, Bryan

  • Anonymous

    It’s not always worth taking the time to help people on yahoo answers which is why i dont bother anymore. Like you said they can just pull your account because some idiot decides to report your answers. It should be report – carefully review – decide on action, not report – pull the account – wait for the user to make an appeal. Totally backwards. Nice work on posting your answers here!

  • Bryan Hadaway

    Yeah, I gave up too.

    It’s the same scenario everywhere, someone ruins it for everyone else and people forget it’s a two-way street and tend to protect just the one side.

    Yahoo! Answers, well for, see above.

    craigslist, because potential clients make me jump through hoops for them because they’ve been burnt by a “professional” in the past when I’ve dealt with more flaky clients by far than that one bad experience they had.

    Also, whenever I post by services in the correct area it’s clear competitors are going through there flagging every other resume so they get higher exposure. And let’s not pretend that some of them aren’t using bots.

    PayPal, because the buyer is protected six ways ’til Sunday, but the seller is often hung out to dry.

    And the list goes on…

    As far as Yahoo! Answers I decided to create my own “Answers” site and that fell through, but now I’ve started which is better targeted for my expertise anyways.

    Also, answering questions in the Google webmaster forums is pretty rewarding. The only few issues I’ve had there are a few contributors that walk around like cowboys and clearly are territorial about other people helping out, where most are really nice.

    Not sure if you’re a web/tech person, if so, check it out:

    Thanks, Bryan

  • Peter Saunders

    Cheers Bryan, i’ll check that out. I commented because i was searching for something and landed here after you copy pasted your deleted yahoo answers. Bookmarked your forum as it will probably be useful for me. I’m a print designer but moving across to web design so got a lot to learn on the technical side!

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