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Witch Hunt for Google

No surprise, Google under scrutiny again. This time again by the FTC. Originally for the Google Buzz privacy fiasco. This time they’re going right for the money shot; Google Search.

Read Eric Schmidt’s (Google Executive Chairman) Oral Testimony to the FTC. Seems pretty straight forward and honest to me. I’m not seeing any cloak and dagger stuff.

This is what happens to any company that gets this big, it happened to Microsoft (and now even Microsoft is going after Google). It’s no different than celebrities or politicians. When something becomes so huge that it’s a household name across the world and has so much power of course it’s going to go under a high level of scrutiny.

Essentially they’re looking into unfair practices (for Google favoring it’s own many companies and services in search results) and Google being a monopoly.

The funny part is even if Google is found “guilty” of doing any of these things is it really illegal or immoral? Google is a free service that people choose to use. It’s pretty silly. But, as we know Google makes a lot of people a lot of money. Mostly for being the number one source for most any website’s traffic. Traffic that becomes potential customers. Believe me, I’ve seen the mad obsession over SEO and PageRank (which I admit I participated in, in the past).

But, at the very basic human level my take is that this is like Blockbuster getting mad at Netflix, only a lot of companies are mad at Google. It’s like preschool or kindergarten. There’s the one kid that is hogging all the building blocks building them up and everyone is in awe. Then the new kid comes along and knocks all their blocks over. We get a “this town isn’t big enough for the both of us” scenario. Maybe it’s “not fair” at the most basic of our immature emotions. But, in the business world I don’t see how Google is breaking fair competition law (antitrust law)?

To me what it sounds like is that rival companies are pouting and small businesses are pouting about obvious competition and how well they perform in Google’s SERPs. What it comes down to really? I think all these complaints and accusations are being welcomed as an excuse to go on a witch hunt and have a closer look at Google.

I’m going to attempt to list many of the news stories going on about this issue and my response to them:

(please note that I’m responding to the ideas, the information, not necessarily the writers of the articles themselves)

Schmidt Defends Google’s Search Practices, Urges Careful FTC Review PC World
Suspicion that Google is favoring it’s own services? Is it surprising that YouTube videos results would show before other video sites? No! We all know YouTube happens to be the most popular video site, and it already was before Google acquired it. That’s why Google bought it.

We all know this is just a witch hunt because people/companies are mad and people in general want a closer look. Most all of Google’s services are free. It should be illegal for them to even be investigated in the first place. Again, it’s a free service that people CHOOSE to use and agree to the terms.

Yes, we all know that Google is still basically a monopoly because of it’s popularity. That isn’t illegal. Case closed.

Thanks, Bryan

Thanks for reading, Bryan