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NameThatMovie Needs More Movie Experts!

“Name That Movie”, “Name This Theme Song” and more are games that have been played for decades. Today, if you use Twitter you’ve very likely seen the game being played online with the #NameThatMovie hashtag.

Well, by popular demand, I presented the official NameThatMovie a few months back (not to be confused with Name That Movie which is a paid smartphone app with preset questions, not unique and community-driven and doesn’t help people answer their own questions). The site has become very popular. New signups and questions are coming in every day.

Just one problem, people with questions are far outweighing those who have the answers. I’m trying to create a fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy themselves which is successful, but I also want to give people something to look forward to. By helping others, you earn points towards becoming a top expert, which comes with cash and toy giveaways.

Checkout the top 20 experts.

Consider yourself a film expert or buff? Register today and try your hand at some pretty tough questions.

The game has now been carried over to Facebook and Twitter officially. However, please note that in order to earn points the questions have to be answered on the official site as well.

Thanks for reading, Bryan

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  • Thor4_4

    Please help me remember this cartoon movie! There is a guy that is turned into a monster of some sort and he can’t speak, he has something over his mouth and wears a hooded cloak, he protects the main girl in the movie and has a staff he uses. In the end of the movie he is turned back into a human and the girl takes off his hood and realizes its the man she loves. Please help me remember the name to this movie! Please!

  • Bryan Hadaway

    You can ask your question here:

  • gandalfthemulti

    can you help me find this film please, i remeber watching it on vhs in the early 90’s, but dont know when it was released. its a kids cartoon about…babies in hover cars with pillows on their feet, realize they are a dream and make a gateway to transport the dreamer into their world. when they do it they all turn into birds and fly away

  • Bryan Hadaway

    You can ask your question here: