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Free Domain Giveaway

Here are a few domains that I no longer have use for and would be happy to transfer to any takers, first come, first serve. – GONE – Transfer Code: NFXD-912-643-940 – Transfer Code: FXDH-711-180-846

They’re hosted and registered with HostMonster/FastDomain which I highly recommend anyways:


Thanks for reading, Bryan

  • Rafi Mahmud

    Would you be kind enough to give me –

    I dont have any account in FastDomain & cannot open one because i cant afford it.

    would you please bear the trouble to transfer your domain to my namecheap account?

    my namecheap username is: bottlevoot
    my namecheap email is:

  • Bryan Hadaway

    You need to start the transfer on your end with the transfer code above and I’ll be happy to verify and/or forward any necessary verification emails on my end to get it transferred over to you.

    It’s completely free on my end, but I’m sorry, you will of course have to pay the registrar fee (usually around $10) on your end, I have no control over that.


  • Rafi Mahmud

    If i had that $10, i would use that to buy a domain instead of bothering you here. I am broke brother. Would you please login to your account & change the DNS of “” to-

    I shall always be in your debt. Hope you would be kind enough to consider my request. Will be eagerly waiting to hear from you.

  • Bryan Hadaway

    Tell you what, if I drop you $10 will you be able to take it off my hands?

    What’s your PayPal email address?

  • Ruben

    Hi, can you tell the costs of any of your domain offers? i’m interested but i nedd to know this. Thanks.

  • Bryan Hadaway

    It generally costs around $10 to transfer a domain to your account.

  • Ruben

    Hi sorry but i was asking for costs to mantain the domain and not to transfer, i mean how much do you pay it for month or for year.

  • Bryan Hadaway

    It’s about $10-$15/year for a domain and $100-$150/year for hosting. Here’s what I use: