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Completely Redesigned, Minimalist Style

While, it’s natural for most websites to overhaul things (hopefully for the better) every couple of years, I took it upon myself to challenge just how minimalist I could go, while retaining all the important pieces of my main design site.

Well, I managed to take it down from about 20 pages to just 2, and all the essentials are still there! That means I had a lot of redundant and useless garbage on the old design.

I believe in minimalism, I think it’s this aspect that makes websites like Twitter massively popular. I’ve been practicing minimalism more and more over the past couple years and it comes down to one thing, psychology. Minimalism isn’t about being lazy or making work easy, it’s actually tedious and kind of a fine art to keep things minimalist.

What it’s really about is people hate clutter and useless filler content! Some websites have so much going on that it’s suffocating. It’s the same basic principle in advertising and resume writing and many other mediums. Simplicity is key, straight to the point, “Show me the good stuff, don’t make me mull over the blah blah blah to get to it.”

So without further wait, 20 pages, down to 2:

Thanks for reading, Bryan

  • AndrewLynch1

    Hey Bryan, always love your work, but you might be interested to know that calmestghost on Android Chrome and Opera Mobile is a bit wonky. I’ve tried to view it on an Asus Transformer Infinity. I’ll check it out on a proper Windows machine when I’m near one. Good luck, and I agree that minimalism as a tenet of user experience is something to strive for. Bloated, additive designs are the bane of real people in the real world, but are incredibly popular with people who don’t know what they are doing.

  • Bryan Hadaway

    I started testing on (though I’m sure it’s not as good as the real thing) – Anyways, I only focused on desktop, iPad and iPhone (landscape), but also tested manually dragging the screen at every possible width, with no issues. I’ll have to check back a little later.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Bryan Hadaway

    Well, I can’t find any issues at any resolution. It looks fine on all the most popular devices as well. If it looks wonky on some devices, I suspect they do not fully support CSS3 and/or JS, in which case, no worries.

    Thanks, Bryan

  • David McLean

    Simplicity involves unburdening your life, and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.

  • Kenneth Moore